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Teaching Mystics to connect to their Intuitive gifts



Join the Wait list for Soon to be released online Courses in the Akashic Records and Intuition Development

Let me help you to connect to your Intuitive gifts !

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Are you Ready to?

Heal, reconnect your intuition, find your passion, set goals, embody more self love, self trust, and self belief, achieve success, live life on your terms, be more confident, find your strength and courage, step into action, have more positive relationships, feel amazing, and so much more and be your authentic self that nourishes your heart and soul. Are you ready to create, live and love your BEST LIFE ?

Are you ready to connect with other like minded MYSTICS that are ready to tune inward, to shine the light on the shadow aspects of self, to peel these layers away to embrace and remember your conscious divine self. 

You’ve come to the right place lovely !


I can help you to unleash and courageously claim your full potential !



How unstoppable would you BE if Doubt and Fear were no longer getting in your way ?
How would your life LOOK if you felt less Judgement, if you felt powerful to speak your truth, 
How would you FEEL if you were living and loving your BEST LIFE ?

Soon to be Released Online courses:

Learn how to access and work in the Akashic Records !

Are you FEELING the Intuitive nudges to answer your soul calling ?


  1. How to connect to the Akashic Records ?
  2. Introduction to the advanced chakra energy system.
  3. Introduction to EFT Tapping as a tool to release any mindset blocks and resistance accessing your spiritual gifts.
  4. How to Heal and shift energy in the records including healing ancestral and familial lineage across all timelines along with any programs or beliefs that are keeping you stuck ?
  5. How to access ancient Portals of Wisdom ?
  6. How to use the Akasha to help support you in life and in business ?
  7. You will receive Energy alignments and divine light code activations and Energy Healing to accelerate your growth.
  8. Private Facebook Group as support.
  9. Weekly guided Meditations including mindset tools.
  10. Weekly practice and Q&A Sessions.

Course Duration:  8 Weeks

Investment: $AUD TBA



Who is this course for ?

  • You have a deep calling to work with the Akashic Records.
  • You are Intuitive, you practice Mediation, you use Oracle Cards.
  • You understand the 4 main Intuitive Clair gifts.
  • You have an idea of what your Clair gifts are.
  • You are keen to learn how more about Intuitive Energy Healing.
  • You are open to learning new things and you are ready to engage your childlike curiosity.
  •  You are prepared to put in the effort, if you do you will see the results you desire. This is your responsibility, as your teacher I merely show you the way.
  • You are ready and open to work in the collective energy of a group and you value the sense of community and support without judgement.
  • You have access to a computer as this course is online via a learning Portal with weekly Zoom video calls.


this course isn't for you if you are.......

  • Someone who Judges themselves and others harshly.
  • Someone who is reliant on others to do the work for them.
  • Someone that is brand new to intuition.
  • Someone that has no interest in Chakras, Energy Healing or Meditation.
  • Someone that does not resume responsibility for their own actions.
  • Someone that is not open minded and prepared to learn.

what to expect:

  • My methods of teaching will include written and audio so it caters for both visual and auditory learners.
  • My method of teaching is practical there is NO FLUFF, and it is based on my lens of experience so I know it works.
  • The energy alignment and attunement helps you to connect, open and bring awareness to your soul gifts.

Payment Options: Timeframe yet to be confirmed these will be recorded if you are not able to make the Zoom calls.

Payment Options: There will be a payment plan option or you can SAVE $$$ when you pay in full upfront.

Get on the Waitlist TODAY !! 

It’s your time to shine, you are worth it !!

I’m excitedly waiting here to support you !!


Are you ready to work with me ?

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