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Intuitive Guidance?

I offer my clients hope when they feel stuck or don’t trust their own inner guidance, or when life is not in line with their expectations. 

How ? I read your energy you don’t need to tell me a lot of your story I can feel it, see it, know it utilising my intuitive gifts.

I have the ability to lovingly and compassionately connect you with any loved ones that have passed away.  I only do so with your permission.  This connection offers my clients peace of mind and often helps assist them with any grief that may be lingering.    

I write down the guidance your soul gives me, For example: This may include that you are on the right path, you may receive confirmation to start that new project, change your job, etc. 

If you are pre-disposed to worrying and spending a lot of time deep in thought you may not receive guidance around the timing of those special life events that you long for. 


I’ve learnt through facilitating close to 2000 sessions with clients, that those clients with a busy mind can struggle to let go of preconceived ideas around the timing of events.  This can in turn create an energetic blockage through attachment and releasing this attachment is essential so we don’t try force things to happen in line with our expectations and we end up getting disappointed.  This is when Surrender comes to us in the form of a lesson.

What is Surrender ? This actually means to let go of the attachment to an outcome. This does not mean giving up.

Here are some examples of Surrender: When we go to our favourite Restaurant and we order our favourite meal, we expect it to be great, just like it always is. When it turns up and it has been over salted, we become disappointed, the meal wasn’t as we expected it should be. But then a friend you are dining with orders this dish and it is amazing, you have never tried it before, it’s a new dish, you didn’t have any expectations and you loved it. You had no expectations, you didn’t know that this dish was going to be amazing.

And another: New Years Eve comes around once a Year right! Each year we want New Year’s Eve to be something special we want to see out the old and bring in the new and we become attached to the amazing New Years Eve experience. When it doesn’t deliver and it isn’t in line with our expectation we become disappointed, as we want it to be just as good as the one last year. Do you get it? Surrender = Letting go of expectations to make way for new experiences, going with the flow of what comes our way.

Have you read my BLOG article on what to expect from a Clairvoyant Reading ?G article on what

If you feel like some hope or you need to let go of expectations and need some clarity to a situation please go ahead and BOOK your DEEP/POWERFUL INTUITIVE SOUL ENERGY HEALING AND READING SESSION TODAY !! 


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