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The main reason why people go to see a clairvoyant or psychic is to receive hope and clarity. They expect to receive tangible answers to specific questions that will either; re-affirm what their intuitive inner guidance may be telling them or to get clarity around decisions they need to make or action to take and/or how or when does their situation improve.

As a Clairvoyant, the best readings I have done have nothing to do with my abilities to read my clients energy, to tap into the divine/universe or when I connect with their deceased loved ones, it all comes down to how my clients show up “are they open to receive and are they serious about getting answers”.

The best readings can be incredibly detailed and the guidance the client receives flows after we have confirmed our connection. It can give the client amazing insights into what they might need to accept, change, or confirmation that they are on the right path. The client is extremely surprised by the level of detail and insights and at the end of the reading they are blown away, the connection I make with the client is instant as the client is open to receive.

Not all readings are the same, every client is different, after facilitating hundreds upon hundreds of sessions when the clients shows up open, not desperately attached to an outcome in their mind, they receive the best from their reading.

“The Universe listens to you and what you want, but you need be deadly serious about it, and you will receive divine guidance”.

If you set the intention prior to your reading, “Hi universe, I’m ready to show up, I am open to receiving your divine guidance, I am ready to listen, I’m deadly serious about releasing what no longer serves me, and I’m deadly serious about attracting abundance”. You will get the best out of your reading and the best value for your hard earned $$$.

My 8 top tips to prepare for your reading:

  1. Get specific, really dig deep about what you want to get out of your session and narrow down your issue. Remember your sessions are only for 1 hour or 1 ½ hours so the more specific you get the better. Write down some questions before hand. The universe wants to help you get what you want, so being super specific about what questions you might have. You need to get down to the nuts and bolts of what you want to achieve and the universe will give you the same level of detailed guidance.
  2. The guidance you receive from the Universe is for your highest good of all, it’s not negotiable, you can’t bargain with the universe. It doesn’t work that way. The purpose of being in dialogue with the divine is to guide you back to the path of remembrance that everything that you seek is within you. Have the courage to be open, to witness, explore, and digest whatever information comes forward.
  3. What keeps us from being open and reaching higher states of consciousness is Judgement, Cynicism and Fear. Your inner voice of Judgement closes your mind by judging new information and ideas. Your inner voice of Cynicism closes off your heart by being cynical about the outcome and other people. Your inner voice of Fear closes your will and prevents you from taking that leap. All of these inner voices are trying to protect you and there is nothing wrong with that at all, but they can be holding you back when you want to receive more. To get the most out of the information the universe is providing you, it is best to exercise critical thinking. Your critical thinking inner voice says: “I’m open to changing my mind based on good evidence and credible new information that feels right to me!” Always critique the information and guidance you receive, you may not understand it at first, it takes a few days to digest and to integrate. If you dismiss this as untrue, and reject it as false you may miss the gift of the intuitive guidance you’ve received. There is always a pearl of information the universe provides to help guide you, so analyse it before dismissing it.
  4. Ask questions in response to the information you get, it is a two way conversation with the universe, you want to formulate an actionable plan so you want to get as much information as you can. I generally probe the universe for more guidance and ask questions along the way and say this outloud, so ask questions too this is your reading and you need to get the most out of it. For example: I’ve had clients ask I really want to get a new position, I’m so passionate about it, it would make me really happy, will I get it ?. The universe responds “you will have significant support for this new role from your co-workers they are so encouraging and really want you to succeed they are really supportive, you will definitely get this role”. The question was asked with feeling, the words used in the question were a high vibration they used the word “passionate” so the information received was more detailed and it was really positive just like their question. This highlights that the manner in which you ask the question reflects the response the universe will provide.
  5. Don’t give the Clairvoyant “too much” back story, this disrupts the flow of information and can cloud their impressions and make it more difficult for the intuitive guidance to flow from the universe. I know that this is super confusing as I said earlier to ask questions but there is a difference between questions and the story. The story focuses on the past, the questions focus on your desired outcome which is in the future which “is the intention” for the reading. This doesn’t mean you can’t chat and let the reader know about the story but the more detail you provide the more time you are taking up from receiving the guidance you need and deserve.
  6. Be open (yes I’ve said that again) and be present. It is totally normal for some of the details that come up in your reading to not make perfect sense. Important to note: If the information feels off, say so. For me, I really appreciate the clients saying this, as it allows me to ask for further guidance from the universe. A lot of the time the guidance I provide doesn’t make sense to me, it isn’t supposed to, I am not living your life so if it feels off ask. There are a number of reasons why it may feel off:
    1. What is being presenting is accurate, but you’re not consciously aware of it yet.
    2. The information is applicable and accurate in the future.
    3. For whatever reason, this does happen the message from the universe could be wrong or wrongly interpreted (as an intuitive you interpret and filter the information through your lens of experience. I can usually feel when it seems off, this usually happens when I’m not getting clear enough information).

The remedy for each situation is to let the Clairvoyant know how you feel so they can intuitively check in on what’s happening and get to the bottom of why the vibe is off.

  1. It is perfectly normal to feel nervous. To put your mind at rest all legit Clairvoyants only bring forth information that is for your highest good. They do not do research into your public profile beforehand and they read you as you sit before them.
  2. Be prepared to change to be open (yep said it again). Getting a reading is fun and entertaining, but the truth is it can really change your life if you let it. Be open to healing, to coaching to incorporate and embody the mind, body, spirit connection. I’ve had so many clients come to me and say that they have suffered and spent so much money trying to overcome their mindset, fears, trauma, anxiety, stress etc. before working with an intuitive component of Energy Healing, Coaching and receiving intuitive guidance. They do the work, they actively participate in their healing and they want to live their life by their design, free to embody all that life has to offer. The proof is in the healing so do yourself a favour invest in you and you will be soaring in no time !

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Much love,


jackie spiritual coach