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A sacred space is a place where you won’t be disturbed, where you can sit, relax, heal, think, release, journal, and meditate, a place where you can take time out just for you and just be. By definition, the term sacred usually conjures up something devoted to religion, but here I’m demonstrating the term sacred is simply something worthy of you, a personal space that is filled with sounds, smells and with beautiful things that mean something to you.

My sacred space is filled with Oracle Cards (I’m a bit of a collector), crystal singing bowls, essential oils, beautiful high-frequency Mists, Aura Soma bottles, sage, candles, crystals and more crystals and I play music 24/7 to keep the room at a higher pure vibration and sage the room daily.  This may seem excessive but it is my place of work and the energy of the room needs to be maintained at a higher vibration and frequency.

If space is an issue you can even create a mobile sacred space such as an Altar in a jar to meditate outside. It can also be in a corner of the room, you can also create an altar in a cupboard or draw.  It is more about the space you create whatever that looks like to you.

Meditation is a big part of my daily sacred discipline and having the sacred space to do that daily is important not only for my work but for my own personal and spiritual growth.  Part of my sacred discipline is to check inward to make sure I am grounded.  My lower chakras need to be firmly rooted in mother earth so my energetic foundation is solid so my higher chakras are clear to receive spiritual guidance for both myself and my clients.

I also teach my clients the importance of having a solid energetic foundation. I would suggest a few simple purification tools to clear out your energy I’ve listed my favourites here:

  • Meditate in your sacred space or outdoors on a daily basis.
  • Go outside in the moonlight to connect to the night sky (my husband and my favourite thing are to connect to the stars).
  • Allow the energy of the Sun to fill up your Solar Plexus Chakra to top up your energy and your power centre.
  • Listen to music, music can really help shift energy my favourite on Spotify right now is Solfeggio Healing Frequencies 528 Hz Miracles, check this out it is amazing !! I also play A Healing Gift to Humanity by Frederic Delarue. See link HERE:
  • Light a candle and stare into the flame, to clear your mind, your physical reality, really focus try this for about 5   This is an ancient yogic focusing practice called Trataka.
  • Walk barefoot on the grass or in the dirt this helps your ground your energy and is connected to the Base chakra and Earth Star chakra which is 30cm below your feet.
  • Hug a tree, feel and connect into its root system, allow the energy of the tree roots to tap into your Earth star chakra.
  • Take a bath, walk or swim in the water set the intention to cleanse your soul and sacral chakra with the water, this will help you connect and deepen your emotional centre.
  • Connect to the wind, the air element is connected to the Heart chakra, feel the wind on your face on your skin clearing out any energetic debris that no longer serves you.
  • Buy a plant for your bedroom.
  • Wash your crystals in salt water and rinse clean (PS: remember to check if your crystals are safe to clean eg: Selenite dissolves in water).
  • Have a haircut to clear out old energy.
  • Sage your house at least once a week.
  • Eat clean or detox for 3 days.
  • Dance on your own in your sacred space, in the bathroom, shower, movement helps shift energy.
  • Exercise regularly movement is key to staying invigorated, young, and helps “exercise your mood”.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how to create a sacred space and the importance of daily sacred disciplines to maintain and purify your energy to help you live your best day every day.

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Much love,

jackie spiritual coach