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Energy Healing & DNA Activations


Free Chakra reference table for Emotional Healing

Let me help you remove any Abundance blocks and reconnect you to the life you deserve !

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What Is Energy Healing?

I work with my client’s energy meridians of the subtle body, known as Chakras along with the interconnected field of energy around the physical body known as the auric field. 

My client’s energy shows me where they need healing, or where to clear stuck energy or what area they need support right now.

I am a Passionate advocate of Energy Healing I see it as a viable treatment option, I knows it works it worked for me.

I understands that Energy Healing may not be for everyone, but the proof is in the healing and my client testimonial’s demonstrate tangible results.

My Approach

I am able to utilise energetic vibration, frequency and colour to easily locate areas that require healing. I have a passion for working with Crystals and I heal my clients utilising Mother Earth’s crystalline energy. I have the ability to see, feel, know and heal in detail beyond the physical, emotional and mental to uncover and heal at a cellular level in my client’s current and/or past life lineages.

How can I help?

I can help you clear conditioned patterns, habits, behaviours or beliefs. I have a gift of soulfully and intuitively guiding you to raise your energetic vibration to connect to your intuition, realign your mindset, helping to release what no longer serves you, tune into your inner knowing bringing peace and harmony to your everyday life. I support you to set goals, helping you to step forward into action so you can create the reality and the life you love and deserve.

Are you ready to work with me ?