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Hi there lovely, WELCOME

I’m Jackie Lambert,

I help my clients create an “Abundant Life” through Energy Healing, Life Coaching and practical no-nonsense wisdom on releasing their Abundance blocks.

It’s never too late to change course, to take the necessary action to facilitate change !!

Hi there Beautiful Soul, WELCOME

I’m Jackie Lambert,

I help my clients create an “Abundant Life” through Energy Healing, Life Coaching and practical no-nonsense wisdom on releasing their Abundance blocks.

It’s never too late to change course, to take the necessary action to facilitate change !!

Are you ready to create a life that brings you JOY every day?

Hello! I’m Jackie

Your Abundant Life “Coach”, Energy Healer & Clairvoyant

I am an Abundance Life Coach, Energy Healer and Clairvoyant.  Basically, I help you remove your abundant life blocks through Energy Healing, Life Coaching, I realign your state of mind and offer you deep clarity and wisdom through Clairvoyant guidance.

I work with Men and Women that are open to healing, prepared to change what is no longer working, that are ready to create a life that flows with ease and grace.

Let me ask you: Are you open to change ? Are you tired of life being hard, or harder than it needs to be ? Are you over feeling stuck and stressed out ? Are you ready to create a life that flows easily ? Are you ready for your hopes, dreams and ambitions to be fulfilled ?  Are you ready, willing and able to create YOUR ABUNDANT LIFE ? 

If you said YES to any of these then you have come to the right place lovely !!


How I Can Help?

I have facilitated over 1000 sessions that have benefited my clients to clear conditioned patterns, habits, behaviours or beliefs. I have a gift of soulfully and intuitively guiding you to raise your energetic vibration to connect to your intuition, realign your state of mind, helping to release what no longer serves you, tune into your inner knowing bringing peace and harmony to your everyday life. I support you to set goals, helping you to step forward into action so you can create your abundant life that you so richly deserve.

Whether you are here for inspiration, guidance, reading my SOUL FUEL blog or you are here to book a “Heal your life session”, I hope you leave this website feeling hopeful that you can create “Your Abundant Life”.

It’s your time to shine, take the leap you are worth it !!

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As a Clairvoyant, the best readings I have done have nothing to do with my abilities to read my clients energy, to tap into the divine/universe or when I connect with their deceased loved ones, it all comes down to how my clients show up “are they open to receive and are they serious about getting answers”.

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Jackie has a great skill for seeing the underlying truth. I had 6 coaching sessions with her and I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin. I’m no longer second-guessing my behaviour and there is a lot more flow in my day to day life. I’m more willing to take creative risks in my new business and this is a direct correlation to the fact that I’m no longer afraid of expressing my passionate, playful and joyful side. So my true self is shining through my marketing. It’s so exciting! My coaching series with Jackie was soul-aligning, deeply insightful, and fun! I’m so grateful for your ability to see the true me, and for holding me accountable to her. Thank you so much Jackie.

Josette - South Korea

When I saw Jackie I had been suffering high-sever stress, high-sever anxiety, chronic fatigue, moderate depression, fear of heights, fear of crossing the road, fear of being a passenger in the car, fears of another traumatic break-up were leaving me fearful of a relationship with my loving partner and the list goes on. After each crippling episode it would take me days to recover. When the chronic fatigue presented itself I decided to see Jackie. Jackie explained that I was an empathy and the tight feeling in my chest along with the stress, anxiety and depression was caused by my Ex partner and I had harboured this pain in my body for 6 years. After Jackie had reset my body I continued integrate the energy over the next 4 days. I started Burping which was so releasing this lasted for almost 24 hours, and it felt like oxygen hadn’t reached those cells in years. The burps helped release the tight chest. Jackie had asked me if I felt Anger in our session and I hadn’t felt anger for years. 2 days after our session I felt a sudden surge of anger I rushed out of my work and went outside and did silent yelling and screaming, the anger just poured out of me. I yelled at my Ex partner for what he had caused me through no fault of my own. After about a minute or two I realised I hadn’t felt anger for as long as I could remember, I didn’t know how to feel it. I could feel it again and the block was gone. On the 3 rd day after our session I suddenly started to feel like I used to feel. Excited about life, full of energy and vibrancy, keen try anything and generally loving my existence. I realised it had been along time since that girl had walked the earth. She’d been in hiding for 6 years. I felt free. Since that moment the anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression along with my fears have all disappeared and my body and mind were now able to relax. I no longer felt uneasy and I am now able to truly relax and be at peace. The session I had with Jackie is the pivotal moment in my life. I had recently bumped into my Ex and it was like seeing an old friend there was nothing but friendship-love there for me. Jackie changed my life and I will be forever Thankful and Grateful to her, she is amazing !!

Gemma - Manly, Australia